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It has proved difficult to find a vessel of this name sailing to Australia, so possibly it is the yacht mentioned below.

-Nov. 29.
In the great contest between the yachts of all nations, which took place on the 9th August last, at Cowes, Isle of Wight, the sister ship to the famous America, acknowledged by builder and owner to be the faster vessel of the two, suffered a defeat by the English yacht Julia, built expressly to contend in this race. She proved her superiority over her competitor, the Sylvie (the Yankee clipper), upon every tack, and came in a winner by six minutes and some seconds, the Arrow being third, about a minute astern of the second, and the Aurora Borealis, a Swedish yacht, fourth. Three others also started.- Bell's Life in London, August 28, 1853[1]

Those who Sailed to Australia on the Aurora Borealis

Littlejohn (aka John Martin) arrived 1952.

Frederick Vern arrived 1852

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