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Ludwig Becker,Government Camp Bendigo, June 1853. (From the memorial in Rosalind Park, Bendigo)

Gold was discovered by Margaret Kennedy and Mrs Farrell in the Bendigo Creek at Golden Point, near today's Maple Street. Their dicovery marked the beginning of a very successful goldfield.

In 1853, at the height of the gold rush, protests were made to Victoria's Colonial Government, with agitation on every goldfield in Victoria. In Bendigo the Red Ribbon Rebellion resulted in over 23,000 signatures on a petition known as the Bendigo Miners' Petition.

Bendigo Petition


Off To Bendigo, Courtesy Ballarat Heritage Services

Residents of Bendigo

David Brough; Ann Duke; George Duke; George Harrison; William Heise; John Knipe; Anastasia Withers; Samuel Withers

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