Eureka 107, 1961

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The Southern Cross Flag Flying at Montrose Cottage on the 107th Anniversary of Eureka, The Courier, Ballarat, Friday 4 December 1970

The 107th anniversary of Eureka occurred in 1970 according to this newspaper report.

Ballarat Courier 2nd February 1951. Page 10


Mrs Minnie Atkins, of 26 Jones street, Collie, West Australia, writes:-

“The following may be of interest to some of those coming for the celebrations which are being held this year. My great aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Austin Turner, arrived at Ballarat in 1851. He was a teacher of music and singing, and for some years had a music establishment in Sturt street. When State education became compulsory in Ballarat and district he was appointed singing instructor, a position he held for about 20 years. Mrs Turner was an ardent worker for social and welfare projects among women and children, and was a foundation member of the Benevolent Society. Workers with her were Mrs Lowther (wife of the schoolmaster), Mrs Holthouse (wife of the local doctor) and Mesdames Lake, Batten, Christie, Lister, Bayley, Macrow and Rodier. During their long residence at Ballarat Mr and Mrs Turner resided in Lyons street.”

“My mother’s parents, Mr and Mrs Richard Wiseman, went to Ballarat in 1852. He was a tailor from London, and it is possible he was the tailor who made the flag for the Eureka Stockade. My mother, their second daughter, was the well known character and comedy actress, Miss Fanny Wiseman”. Eureka Flag

“My father’s parents, Mr and Mrs James South, arrived at Ballarat about the end of 1852. He was in business as a saddler, and resided at Skipton street. Mr father’s sister, Mrs .E. A. King, was a teacher of music and singing in the town for many years, and her daughter, Miss Minnie King, was a teacher of dancing. South street was named after my grandfather.’

“I went to Ballarat in 1878 at the age of two, when my parents returned to Australia from England, and lived there for several years. As my ancestors had so many associations with Ballarat in the early days, I feel that in writing the foregoing I am paying the respect due to those who were amongst the pioneers of this beautiful city.”

Austin Turner, a Ballarat pioneer. This picture was taken form an album photo by S. Willetts, of Bridge street, one of the city’s earliest photographers.