Eureka 110, 1964

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The Eureka Improvement and Progress Association Annual report for 1964 reported :

This year to celebrate the anniversary of the "Affair at Eureka" a display of marching Girls was held - this display drew a good attendance and was well received by those present, but did not seem altogether appropriate to the occasion, and it is felt that a Memorial Service is the only fitting celebration for such an event.

EUREKA’S 110th ANNIVERSARY The blue coloured Southern Cross Flag, a replica of the one that the miners fought under at the Eureka battle in 1854, flew again at the Eureka Stockade yesterday to mark the 110th anniversary of the rebellion. With it at the masthead flew the Australian flag. Both flags were raised yesterday morning by members of the Eureka Progress Association. The commemoration activities took the form of a selection of band music by the Soldiers’ Memorial Band under the conductorship of Mr F. Jones. It also played several Christmas carols. The anniversary is conducted by the association every year on the Sunday nearest to the date when the rebellion took place.

The president of the association, Mr. W. Fleet, said the area had once been a clay pit with a picket fence, but it was now one of the most beautiful and the most historic places in Ballarat. He welcomed the band and those present and added that he was pleased to see a good crowd. The attendance in recent years had not been as good.[1]

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  1. Ballarart Courier, 7 December 1964, p. 3. Transcribed by Chrissy Stancliffe.