Eureka 115, 1969

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The annual anniversary service at Eureka Stockade will be held on Sunday, December 7 at 3p.m. The City Council has granted approval to the Eureka Improvement and Progress Association to hold the service on that date. It also approved Australia Day, Monday, January 26 next year as the date fr the annual carnival at the Stockade.[1]


Memories of the affair at Eureka were revived yesterday when a busload of members of the Gas and Fuel Corporation (Melb) Retired Association visited Ballarat to tour historic sites and places of interest. The president, Mr V.V. Olsen, of Nelson street, Coburg, said that his wife was a grand-daughter of William Cowland, who made his fortune of the Ballarat goldfields and fought at Eureka. They still own the pistol that he used in the fight. Cowland bought the famous mine, Fortune’s Folly. He later gained a permanent place in the city archives as the builder of the Town Hall. The foundation stone of the Town Hall was laid nearly 100 years ago in 1870. Enjoying yesterday’s bus tour were 38 members of the association, all aged more than 76 years. They visited Eureka Stockade, the Historical Park site and various tourist attractions, and lunched at the Botanical Gardens.[2]


The Mayor, Cr Mills, and his son, Mr A. N. Mills, were associated on Sunday in a short ceremony at Eureka Stockade to commemorate the anniversary, on December 3, of the Eureka affair of 1854. Mr Mills, as president of the Eureka Progress Association, introduced the Mayor at the flag-raising ceremony, attended by a small group of persons. The Mayor spoke of the Eureka revolt and its significance of Ballarat, and in its broader context in the history of Australia.[3]
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