Eureka 13, 1867

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A meeting of the committee formed to take measures to restore the monument in the Cemetery erected to commemorate the men who fell in the Eureka stockade, was held at Crow's St Mungo Hotel on Friday evening. The chairman, secretary and members were confident that a sufficient sum would easily be raised for the purpose in view. It was stated that lists had already been issued , and several subscriptions had been promised. The secretary received instructions to forward subscription lists to the banks, principal offices, and mining companies in the town and surrounding districts.[1]

A meeting of the Eureka Monument Committee was held at the St Mungo Hotel on Thursday. The treasurer Mr Crow, reported that eighty subscriptions lists had been distributed, returnable on 1st May. Some information was given by Mr Dawson as to the probable cost of an iron palisade on a stone parapet, an it was believed that the whole could be very well done for from 40-50 pounds. Besides this, there was an iron cramp wanted to keep the top stone of the monument together, there being a crack perceptible. The plot would also require to be laid out and planted afresh with a few shrubs and flowers, as also the general repairs to the monument and inscription. It was suggested that the calling for tenders for the work should take place after the lists had been got in, and the next meeting was fixed for that day week.[2]

The committee for the restoration of the Eureka monument in the Ballarat General Cemetery has at last finished its labors and worthily laid out the sums placed at its disposal. Mr Leggat's original storied pillar has been painted and elevated on a bluestone base and the whole surrounded by a strong iron railing similarly mounted. The memorial gives promise for endurance for many forthcoming years. [3]


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