Eureka 23, 1877

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The Ballarat East Town Council (says the Courier) appears to be determined not to let the Eureka Stockade lie in oblivion any longer, or fade away from the history of Ballarat, for want of some land mark to show the site of the memorable engagement which took place now nearly twenty-three years ago. At the council meeting held last night, Councillor Long moved on notice —"That in the opinion of this council, the spot where the Eureka Stockade once stood, and where so many brave men fell on the memorable 3rd of December, 1854, should be enclosed, as soon as possible, with a substantial tial fence, and a suitable monument erected to the memory of those who lost their lives in resisting tbe unconstitutional proceedings of the Victorian Government, on that occasion." The motion was carried. A motion contingent on this, namely—" That the council pledges itself to set apart at the proper time a sum not to exceed £50, to subsidise any fund that may he raised by the people of Ballarat for that object," was withdrawn for the present.[1]


  1. Melbourne Advocate, 13 October 1877.