Eureka 3, 1857

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Chaplets of flowers adorned the first Eureka Memorial. [1]

THE EUREKA VICTIMS – On Thursday morning, about 7 o’clock, the bodies of Captain Ross, James Brown, Thonen, the lemonade seller, and Tom the blacksmith, who fell at the Eureka Stockade, and had been buried apart from the others, were removed from the grave from the others, were removed from the grave and placed in they containing the bodies of the others who lost their lives on the memorable 3rd of December. The removal took place in the presence of Mr Superintendent Foster, Mr Salmon, trustees of the cemetery, and Mr Lessman. The coffins were in excellent preservation. We understand that no procession will take place on Thursday next, the anniversary of the Eureka affair, but the grave of the fallen will be decorated with chaplets and flowers.[2]

The Miner and Star newspaper also reported that bodies were exhumed and re-interred.

THE EUREKA VICTIMS:- A request has been made to the Trustees of the Cemetery to have the bodies of those of the Eureka victims who were interred apart from the spot where the monument now stands, exhumed and removed to that part of the Cemetery. The request has been favorably received, and we believe the bodies - which are those of Captain Ross, Thonen, the Lemonade Seller, James Brown and "Tom the Blacksmith" will be removed very shortly and placed beside their fallen victims over whose remains the Eureka Monument now stands. [3]

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