Eureka 39, 1893

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THE LALOR STATUE TO THE EDITOR OF THE COURIER SIR, - Strolling out into Sturt street this morning soon after sunrise, the 39th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade action, I, for the first time, used the early quiet for a careful perusal of the tablet on the eastern face of the Lalor statue pedestal. It purports to give a short account of Lalor’s exploits and honors; and I was surprised to see that the date”1885” is given for his first election (nomination) to the Legislative Council. This is, of course, a misreading by the artist for “1855”, but whether he or the people furnishing him with the inscription is to blame, he or they alone can explain. The reading of 5 for 8 often occurs when manuscript is carelessly or hurriedly written, and I know of at least two recent publications in which a similar error occurs. The error on the Lalor pedestal will have to be corrected; and it is to be presumed that Ballarat can supply the necessary art-handicraft for the purpose, - Yours, &c.,

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