Eureka 5, 1859

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The Star

3rd December 1859 page 2

News and notes

Five years ago this morning, and about the hour this sheet left the press, the shedding of blood at the Eureka Stockade took place. Today peace reigns here and all over the colony, that peace having, for its main basis, the universal distribution of political rights, the advent of which was expedited by the melancholy crisis which saw the fall of the victims, military and civil, at the Eureka this day five years. Now, the friends of the dead recall the day, not with feelings of acrimony, but to commemorate the devotion of those whose tomb they will decorate today with the simple votive offerings of friendship. We understand that certain of the old residents in this district, who are sympathisers in the fate of those who fell, have taken steps to trim and decorate the monument and enclosure in the Cemetery. No demonstration, we believe, is arranged; doubtless a few of those who were more or less participators in the movement which led to, or ended in that unfortunate affair, will pay a quiet visit to the Cemetery during the day.[1]


  1. The Star, 3 December 1859, p.2. Transcribed by Chrissy Stancliffe

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