Eureka 57, 1911

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This article refers to the inaugural pilgrimage to the site of Eureka held on 8 April 1911.

As I am unknown to you personally the subject matter enclosed will pleas my excuses (if needed) in addressing you. Kindly had over enclosed to institution or museum said to contain flag hoisted at Eureka in '54, whatever flag is so possessed is a fraud. I am now over 80 years old and the weather against me, otherwise should (have) made the old spot last week to speak a few (words). Was wounded by the military at the attack by troops upon us, Sunday 3rd December 1854 in leg and head - marks and teeth blowing up to (be) carried to my grave. The very possession of same prouds me - place enclosed under flags for ever in museum, that the girls and boys may know that liberty, constitution and government was won where the national flag was born at cost of blood at Ballarat. (Signed) James Hodges, afterwards known as "Eureka Jim".