Eureka 7, 1861

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The Star

5th December 1861 page 2

The 4th December, which is usually said to bring with it on Ballarat some disastrous event, has this year passed away without any noteworthy incident, unless a chimney on fire can be taken to prove the truth of what we may call a traditional belief. Perhaps, however, the strange weather which prevails at present may be considered sufficient to show that something unusual happens at this particular time, and thus preserve the belief in the peculiarity of the day. We observe that in other quarters more interest is felt than here. The 4th of December has passed almost unnoticed on Ballarat, but on Bendigo there has been a slight memorial of the Eureka Stockade in the shape of a eulogistic copy of verses in the local journal addressed to those who fell. If, however, no public demonstration has been made here, we have reason to know that the merits of those who took a prominent part in the Eureka Stockade have been canvassed privately, and the whole proceedings amply discussed.[1]


  1. The Star, 5 December 1861, p.2. Transcribed by Chrissy Stancliffe

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