Eureka 88, 1942

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EUREKA STOCKADE - BALLARAT, Sun: "We are faced today with another Eureka, the Eureka of a new order," Rev E. S. Yeo said, giving the occasional address at the anniversary of the Eureka Stockade before a gathering at the historic reserve today. Hitler had promised a new order, but we must beat him to it. This new order which we were promising ourselves as the result of the present struggle was for a freedom which must ensure security for every person.
Health, education, and employment must be won for the people, and the brotherhood of man must be made a living reality. We must bring about a social change which would provide against a man losing a life- time's savings because of a few months' illness; every child must have equal rights to education and opportunities to achieve it; there must be no idle rich, but a world in which everyone worked who could work, and an assurance of social security which would guarantee the sanctity of family life and the rights of worship and individual freedom that went with it.[1]

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