Eureka 89, 1943

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Charles A. Doudiet, Swearing Allegiance to the 'Southern Cross’, 1854, watercolour, pen and ink on paper.
Courtesy Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996.
DIGGER COMES FROM EUREKA - BALLARAT, Sun: A belief that men of the Australian forces drew their name of Diggers from the Inspiration of the diggers of Eureka was voiced by Mr Makin, Minister for Munitions, when giving the memorial address at the 89th anniversary celebrations of Eureka Stockade today.
"Sometimes I wonder whether we as a people remember as we should the sacrifices of the pioneers in achieving the improved conditions of life that have come to us, ' Mr Makin said. "All human progress and development has been registered in sacrifices and blood."
The memory of Eureka, he added, inspired Australians to carry forward in their hearts a determination that the liberties for which the Diggers fought then as they were fighting today should not be lost to mankind. [1]

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