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Eureka Stockade Improvement and Progress Association Past President's Certificate, 1922, University of Ballarat Historical Collection.


Eureka Stockade Committee was formed on Monday 5th Feb 1912.
Cr. Penhalluriack, Mayor of Ballarat East was chairman & elected first President. Mr V.C. Jones was secretary and Mr E.C. Pearce was Treasurer.
Well known residents of Ballarat East were foundation members. Hams, Tonks, Feary, McKay, Bennetts, Hon Robt McGregor M.L.C., Gingell, Lugg, Carey, Meiklejohn, Anglin, Wye, Crs Elsworth and Levy.
Prior to the formation of the committee, Mrs Helen McKay, who lived on the corner of Stawell and Eureka Streets, assisted by two of her daughters and Mrs V.C. Jones sold cakes and lollies, ice cream and home made jams, etc, in the reserve on Sundays to raise money for the reserve. The cakes were made by themselves and the biscuits from Mr Long who had a biscuit factory also lollies in Victorian Street (Later Sunshine biscuit factory). Also items from several firms. In 1917 the name of the committee was changed to the Eureka Stockade & Progress Association. In 1922 to Eureka Stockade Improvement & District progress Association.
(a) To create a National spirit and Patriotism by enlisting the sympathy of the Governments and citizens of the Commonwealth.
(b) the annual celebrations of the fight for liberty which took place at the Eureka Stockade on 3rd December 1854.
(c) The Beautification and maintenance of the Eureka Stockade reserve.
(d)The raising of funds for carrying out of the above objects.
A rotunda was built in the reserve at a cost of 118 pounds 18 shillings. officially opened by Cr Penhalluriack on 6th Dec 1913. the Ballarat Orphanage Band supplied the music. Sports meetings were conducted on the Eastern Oval to raise funds. Many working bees were carried out by members to clear the reserve of cape broom and generally clear the area. [1]

Other names for this organisation could include Eureka Stockade Improvement and Progress Association and Eureka Stockade Improvement and District Progress Association

Past Presidents

1912-13 Cr F. Penhalluriack

1913-15 Cr A.J. Pittard

1915-16 W. Feary

1916-17 W. Carey

1917-18 G. Williams Senior

1918-19 A. Cochrane

1919-20 T. Britnell

1920-21 J. Corbett

1921-22 T. Britnell

1922-23 W. Groves

1923-24 H. Crago

1924-25 C. Scholes

1925-27 W. Jones

1927-28 A. McGregor

1928-29 G. Williams

1929-30 G. Grove

1930-31 A. McGregor

1931-32 E.H. Parsons

1932-33 W.A. Shaw

1933-34 F. Pearce

1934-35 S. McGregor

1935-36 H. Mansfield

1936-37 S. Clarke

1937-38 W. Carey

1938-39 W. Shaw

1939-40 J.L. Trevenen

1940-41 H. Barnett

1941-42 M.H. Noye

1942-43 W. Carey

1943-45 W. Shaw

1945-46 J.H. Stanley

1946-47 W.T. Young

1947-48 W. Marshall

The Members

A. Cooper

W.F. Groves

F.E. Kennon

V.C. Jones

Helen McKay

S. McKenzie

E. Parsons (died 1963)

F. Pearce (died 1963)

Plaque relating to water fountains in Lake Penhalluriack, Photography: Clare Gervasoni, 2013.

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