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The son of Edmund Murphy and Bridget O'Dea, of Kilteely, Co. Limerick, Ireland, Lawrence Murphy married Honora Ryan (daughter of Richard Ryan and Johanna Ryan from Shrahavarla Clonoulty) at Beechworth in 1862. He died in 1895 at One Mile just outside Beechworth, Victoria, and was buried at Beechworth Cemetery.[1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Lawrence Murphy may gave been involved during the Eureka Stockade. He was heavily involved in miners courts, unions etc. [2]

A tunnel had been put through the spur to catch all the rivulets instead of the water coming down the creek when there was rain it flowed into this stream. The first race cut was Lawrence Murphy's in 1854. That was not much, but it was the others that came after. ... [3]

Post 1854 Experiences

The ordinary meeting of this branch was held in St. Joseph's schoolroom on the evening of the 18th inst. The president, Brother J. Feely, occupied the chair. The following were elected officers for the next six months: Brother James Feely, president; Brother John Carew, vice-president; Brother P. J. Brennan, secretary Brother Lawrence Murphy, treasurer Brother Patrick O.'Mara, warden ; Bros. John Phelan and William Owens, guardians ... [4]

The mining board election on Saturday resulted in the reelection of Mr. Lawrence Murphy, for the Beechworth division, by a majority of 70 votes.[5]

The annual meeting of this body was held on Tuesday. There were present Messrs Mongan, Smart, Rowley, Jones, Keane, Little, Murphy, Turnbull and Barrass. The clerk read the declaration of the returning officer that Messrs Jones, Traulsen, Keane and Rowley had been duly elected members of the board and they took their seats. Mr Lawrence Murphy was unanimously elected chairman for the ensuing year. This gentleman took the chair, and re turned thanks for the honour, expressing the hope that it would not be the last year of the board's existence, although some people might think so. The usual preliminary business having been gone through, the board dealt with several applications for selections in the district. ...[6]


MURPHY - At the One Mile, Beechworth, on the 27th instant, Mr. Lawrence Murphy, aged 65 years.[7]

FUNERAL NOTICE The friends of the late Mr. LAWRENCE MURPHY are respectfully invited to attend his funeral. The cortege is appointed to move from his late residence, One Mile, to the Beechworth Cemetery on SUNDAY. (TO-MORROW) 29th DECEMBER, at Three o'clock in the afternoon. D. WILSON, Undertaker.[8]

Probate has been granted to the will of the late Lawrence Murphy, of Beechworth, the value of the estate being sworn at £2150.[9]

Joined the Majority. — For very many years the name of Mr. Lawrence Murphy has been a familiar one to resi-dents of Beechworth, and indeed to those of every portion of the district, and the intelligence of his death, which we have this morning to give, will, we are sure, be received with the very greatest regret. For some time past Mr. Murphy had been , suffering from cancer in the stomach, a malady which of course precluded all hope of anything like a complete restoration to health. He was treated for it by Dr. Haynes, and also sought the advice of one of the most skilful physicians in the metro polis, the result in each case being the same. Temporary relief was obtained, with the assurance that it must be re garded as being only temporary, and that whilst the fatal termination might be de layed. it could not be prevented. The termination came last evening, when Mr. Murphy breathed his last at his residence on the One Mile, after having reached the age of 62 years. Mr. Lawrence Murphy was one of the oldest miners in the Ovens district, having been constantly associated with that industry for over 40 years, dur ing nearly the whole of which term he was looked up to as a representative man by those concerned in the industry. Till quite recently he held a seat in the Beech worth Mining Board, and did so with credit to himself, and with advantage to those whom he represented. He was also identified with many public movements, having for their object the welfare of the industry with which he was associated. A conscientious and zealous member of the Roman Catholic Church, he made practice consistent with profession, and let it be plainly seen that with him religion was a reality. He took an active part in the es tablishment of the Beechworth Branch of the Hibernian Australian Catholic Benefit Society, and for many years filled the position of secretary to the branch, and filled it in an entirely satisfactory manner. The late Mr. Murphy leaves a grown up family, all of whom have been well educated and carefully trained, and have thus to thank a good father for the best equipment obtainable for the journey through life. The funeral will take place at the Beechworth cemetery on Sunday afternoon, and will be under the direction of Mr. D. Wilson. The members of H.A.O.B. Society will show their regard for the founder of the branch, and the one who worked so effectively for its establish ment, by taking a prominent part in the funeral procession.[10]

Death of Mrs. Laurence Murphy.— Another old identity of Beechworth, in the person of Mrs. Honora Murphy, relict of Mr. Laurence Murphy, has passed away at the age of 67 years, on Tuesday morning, at her residence at One Mile. The deceased lady suffered from a lingering illness for the past two years, whlch was aggravated by sorrow for the death of a favorite daughter, and although receiving the best medical attention from Dr. Shuter, she succumbed to the malady as stated. Her late husband will be re membered as having been a member of the Beechworth District Mining Board for many years. Death deprived them of their only son some years ago, but there are five daughters left to mourn their loss, among whom are Miss Murphy, formerly conducting a dressmaking establishment in Ford-street, and Miss Margaret Murphy, a teacher In the Educatlon Department. The deceased lady was a devoted adherent of the Roman Catholic Church, and was specially interested in the Aloysius Juvenile Club for boys, to which she gave substantial encourage ment and assistance. The funeral took place at the Beechworth Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the Roman Catholic Church, to whlch the remains had been conveyed, at five o'olock. The hearse was preceeded by fourteen boys of the Aloysius Club, wearing distinguishing purple sashes, and was followed by a large number of vehicles, evidenclng the general esteem in which the deceased was held. The solemn rites of the Roman Catholic Church were Impressively per formed by Father Ryan, P.P., assisted by Father Ellis. The funeral arrangement were efficiently conducted by Mr. D. Wilson, undertaker.[11]


From Lawrence Murphy, hon. sec., Beechworth St. Patrick's Day Racing Club, asking that Saturday, 16th March, be proclaimed a public holiday.[12]

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