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The ship Palambam arrived in Port Jackson on 1 January 1833 with the Candish family on board. Sarah, aged only 6 months was to marry tinsmith Colville Armstrong in Melbourne in 1849. He signed the 1853 Bendigo Goldfields Petition and they lived in Chewton.

Previous Voyages

Convict Ship Palambam
Voyage: 130 days
Deaths: 2 or 3
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Tons 394 Crew: 30 men

The Palambam was built in Shields in 1821.

The Palambam departed Cork for Sydney Cove on 23rd March 1831.

They called at Rio de Janeiro where they were in contact with the Surry which had called at Rio with a loss of her top masts and after that spoke the Camden which was on the return passage to England.[1]

On the 13th February while under Dover Castle, the Palambam went ashore in a fog, however there was reportedly no damage to the vessel and she continued to Cork where 117 female convicts and free passengers including 50 young girls from the Foundling Hospital were embarked.

The prisoners came from counties throughout Ireland - Monaghan, Kildare, Carlow, Limerick, Antrim, Roscommon, Waterford and Dublin. They mostly gave their occupations as housemaid, dairymaid and all work. There were some sempstresses and dressmakers among them, a confectioner, dealer and pedlar. Their crimes included man robbery, stealing clothes, money and other articles, vagrancy, shoplifting and one attempt to poison.[2]

Passengers, Embarked Sydney 1833

Joseph Candish

Charlotte Candish nee Smith

Frederick Candish aged 5 years

Sarah Candish aged 6 months
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