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William Richardson was a member of the British Military.

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Richardson was a Corporal with the 40th Regiment (no 2595). He was probably involved at the Eureka Stockade on 03 December 1854.

According to the Depositions of witnesses, and research from new evidence, Richardson was at the attack on Eureka Stockade.

William Richardson saith on oath as follows:

I am a Corporal with the 40th Regiment. I was at the stockade at Eureka on the morning of the 3rd instant. Tuohey was turned out of the stockade by one of the foot police - he ?? followed him and arrested him. He had a double barrel gun and when ?? threw the gun from him. I saw him coming out of the stockade. He g? Foot Constable. I then galloped after him.
W. Richardson
Sworn before me
At Ballarat this 8th December 1854
E. Sturt PM[1]

Post 1854 Experiences

Richardson gave evidence against Michael Tuohy during the Treason Trials.

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Further Reading

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