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The events surrounding the Eureka Rebellion were closely monitored by the Melbourne and Victorian regional press. The Age, launched in 1854, edited by Ebenezer Syme was a strong supporter of the Eureka Rebellion. The Melbourne based Argus and Herald and the Geelong Advertiser and the Mount Alexander Mail also openly supported the rebel's demands.[1]


Our Melbourne correspondent in forms us that Mr Ebenezer Syme, well known as one of the proprietors and for a long time the editor of the Age died yesterday afternoon. Mr Syme was a man of very great ability, and an a journalist was not excelled in Australia- In the coarse of his career in this colony he committed many serious blunders, which for a long time lowered him in the opinion of the better opinion of the colonists, but lately, he had considerably redeemed .himself. As a "man of mark," the colony can ill afford %o spare him.[2]
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