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Eureka Remembrance Pathway at the Eureka Centre

A Pathway of Remembrance for the 35 lives lost at the Battle of Eureka in 1854 was unveiled recently by the Irish Ambassador to Australia, Mr Tim Mawe. Mr Mawe said that the values of Eureka were long term in pursuing equality fairness and democracy and were equally relevant to his country. Costing $18 000, the Pathway of Remembrance was supported by diplomatic missions to Australia which provided plaques to honour their fallen citizens, including the British High Commission, High Commission of Canada, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Embassy of the Republic of Ireland. Additional plaques have been funded by the City of Goulburn and Mulwaree (Australia) and Eureka Australia, with project funding and delivery by the City of Ballarat.

Thirty-five eucalyptus trees are planted along the Pathway with plaques indicating the country of origin of the person who died.

The Pathway equally honours all the men and women who died at the Eureka Stockade, but whose names are not recorded. The path begins at the Eureka Circle where the story of Eureka is depicted across 20 individual panels, and then cuts across the lawn to reach the memorial to the Pikeman’s dog, an Irish terrier, who stayed with his master when he was shot at Eureka.[1]

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Dorothy Wickham, Eureka's Fallen, ePub

Eureka's Fallen by author Dorothy Wickham

Controversy, innuendo, and emotion abound in the vast body of literature about the Eureka Affair. The scholarly literature on the Victorian gold rushes usually mentions the event, with varying degrees of understanding or attention to the facts. So much so, that there is as yet no consensus of opinion as to the numbers of military, civilians, or insurgents killed or wounded, the actual site of the battle, the makers of the Eureka Flag, nor a full account of members of the Ballarat Reform League or who wrote the Reform League Charter. This book gives an accurate account of deaths around the time of the Eureka Affair.
  1. Excerpt from The Cornish Association of Victoria Inc. Ballarat Branch Newsletter, August 2022, pages 7-8.