Eureka 73, 1927

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Seventy-three years ago the only war ever fought in Australia by white men took place at Ballarat. - It has gone down in history, and is known as the Eureka Riot.
In the cemetery at Ballarat there is a special enclosure with many monuments marking the resting place of the heroic diggers and soldiers who lost their lives in the rebellion — for a rebellion it was — by the diggers against what were considered the unreasonable demands of the Government. To-day is the anniversary of the Eureka episode, and it is to be celebrated to-morrow on the actual site of the stockade— now a beautiful reserve, with a monument and an artificial lake marking the site of Australia's baby battle. 3LO Melbourne will broadcast the speeches together with other events at the ceremony.[1]

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  1. Adelaide Register, 3 December 1927.