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Marco Polo by Thomas Robertson. State Library of Victoria (H306 )

The Marco Polo was built at St John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1851 by James Smith. This vessell was 1625 registered tons, 185 feet (56 metres), and was twice the side of the other ships in the Blackball Line of Liverpool. The 1852 journey sailed on 04 July carrying 60 crew, 930 passengers, and 2000 tons of cargo. The return trip of the Marco Polo to England in 1852 took 5 months and 21 days, and set a record for the return voyage. The captain of the Marco Polo was James "Bully" Forbes, who was just over the age of 30 for this voyage.

The Marco Polo remained on the Australian run for around 20 years. On 22 July 1883 she sprang a leak at the St Lawrence, and was run aground at Prince Edward Island.[1]

1852 Passengers

Bridget Callinan, 1852

Michael Callinan, 1852

Patrick Callinan, 1852

John Callinan, 1852

John Callinan Jnr, 1852

Thomas Callinan, 1852

William Callinan, 1852

Hugh Meikle and 10 year old son Hugh Meikle, 1852

1853 Passengers

Francesco Rappaciolli

Clara Seekamp

1854 Passengers

Hyman Levinson, 1854

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