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Phillip Phillipson with Samuel Lazarus, 27 years, and Abraham Alman emigrated from Bristol departing on the Lady Fitzherbert on 25 October 1852. On this same vessel were Jacob Lazarus, 23 years, David Lazurus, a 29 year old mechanic, George Platener, 26 years, and Henry Sterner, 22 years, both goldsmiths, and Francis Row a 22 year old jeweller. Their occupations and names suggest that they were of the Hebrew congregation. Further the name of Phillipson's property Assenbein suggests German origins.

P. Phillipson of Goodman's field London begged to inform his friends and public that his residence of Assenbein at 14 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne and with purchase and disposal of and any property to any amount, to parties proceeding to the Diggings.[1]

They reportedly dug for gold at Ballarat in a site called the Jeweller's Shops because of the richness of the claims.[2]

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