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Eugene von Guerard, Old Ballarat as it was in the summer of 1853-54, 1884, oil on canvas, mounted on board, Art Gallery of Ballarat Collection, Gift of James Oddie on Eureka Day, 1885.

Ballarat East

Municipal District 1857-1863, Borough 1863-1870, Town 1872-1921

One hundred and eighty three landholders and householders of Ballaarat East petitioned the government to proclaim Ballaarat East [sic] as a municipal district according to the Government Gazette on 21 January 1857. On the 28 April 1857 the Municipal District of Ballarat East [sic] was proclaimed.

The municipal district commenced at the north-eastern angle of the municipal district of Ballaarat; thence by a line bearing east, and by the River Yarrowee eastward two miles and forty chains; thence by a line bearing south two miles and forty chains; thence by a line bearing west three miles and ten chains, more or less, to the River Yarrowee aforesaid; and thence northwards by that river and by the eastern boundary of the municipal district of Ballaarat to the commencing point.[1]

Ballarat East is mentioned in the Victorian Places database. [2]

Names associated with Ballarat East

George Clendinning; Martha Clendinning;Lancelot Costello; Sarah Goddard; Margaret Guthrie; Dennis Kinnane; George Morgan; Susannah Morgan; Mary Ann Newman; Richard Polkinghorne; Daniel Sweeney

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