Edmund Hughes

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Poster, Federation University Historical Collection.
Mrs. Hughes, of Adelaide, widow of the late Mr. Edmund C. Hughes, S.M., of Largs Bay, has found among her husband's papers an interesting souvenir in the shape of a small card, entitled "Instructions for the guidance of special constables," signed on December 5, 1841, by Mr. J. T. Smith, Mayor of Melbourne, and containing the significant note—"It is requested that these instructions be not communicated to those not sworn in as special constables." The appointment of the constables in Melbourne was con sidered to be a wise precaution on ac count of the disturbances in Ballarat, and a memo, in Mr. Hughes's handwriting on the hack of the card reads—'"1854. Sworn in as special constable at the time of the Ballarat riots. Found my own horses.— Edmund C. Hughes." After the lapse of 60 years there are probably only few of these historical souvenirs left.

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