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Eureka Site Plan, 1870 This plan shows Stockyard Hill, The Orphan Asylum, and the Free Trade Hotel


Alfred Lester ran the Free Trade Hotel, Charlesworth Street, Ballarat East in 1856. Lester’s Hotel was in Sturt Street.

In the News

The land on the Melbourne road near the Free Trade Hotel, and Eureka and Black Hill leads, in block I and J, was rushed on Tuesday evening, and again yesterday in great force by the miners. Those who are anxious for the sale of land there, say the rush is a sham one, and intended merely to hinder the sale; while on the other hand it is asserted by the miners, that two distinct gutters have been hit, ... [1]

They descended into the ravine (Specimen Gully) and following up a shallow gully leading therefrom and separating the Free Trade Hotel from Stock Yard Hill, arrived close to the hotel and clods withing 200 yards of the enemy's position, as indicated by the guide, when they halted. [2]

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