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John Sutherland was born in Scotland. He died in 1916.[1]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

Charles A. Doudiet, watercolour on paper, 1854, watercolour, on paper.
Courtesy Art Gallery of Ballarat, purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996.

Sutherland was a witness examined during the report of the Board appointed to enquire into circumstances connected with the riot at Ballarat, and the burning of James Bentley's Eureka Hotel. [2]

Post 1854 Experiences


Eureka Hero - The last of a historic trio died in Melbourne, when Henry Sutherland went on to join his early associates, Peter Lalor and Duncan Gillies, with whom he voyaged to Australia in 1853, and whom he accompanied to the diggings. At the time of the miners' riots and the erection of the Eureka Stockade, Sutherland threw in his lot with the rebels, and he Lalor were together when the Irishman was wounded. Sutherland concealed Lalor in his tent and kept him hidden from the soldiers till it was possible to get him out of the way. He was 84 years old, a native of Scotland, and has been through all the ups-and downs of the life of a pioneer.[3]

(Note: Although the above obituary notes Sutherland travelling to Australia with Peter Lalor and Duncan Gillies it is known that Peter Lalor travelled on the Scindian, but Gillies and Sutherland do not feature on the passenger list.)

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