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Sometimes recorded as Manshall or Manasha Flatow. He was born in Poland to a Jewish family in 1818, arriving in Australia in 1853 on the Miles Barton. Flatow's parents were Solomon Flatow and Maria Joseph, and he married Catherine Dickson in 1855.[1]

Manasha deserted his wife Catherine and their son John Solomon about 1865. On her marriage to James Less, a Welshman, in 1881, the certificate details the desertion. [2]

Goldfields Involvement, 1854

After the burning of James Bentley’s Eureka Hotel ten men were arrested on 27 October 1854, but later the charge was dismissed against seven. They were John Balderston, Manestra Flatow, Butler, Hurd, McIntosh, Stewart and John van Der Byl.[3] Henry Westerby, Thomas Fletcher and Andrew McIntyre, were tried, convicted and sentenced to gaol on 20 November 1854. J.B. Humffray, Black and Kennedy, representing the Ballarat Reform League demanded the release of these prisoners on 27 November. It was a fatal mistake, as the use of the word “demand” strengthened Governor Hotham’s resolve for control.[4]

Flatow was paid £27.4.0 in December 1854 for shoes for sailors, related to the Military at Eureka. He died in Geelong in 1885.

Names of persons arrested in connection of having been connected in the riot at Eureka (being the burning I'd Bentley's Hotel).
Date of Arrest Name How disposed of
Oct 21, Andrew McIntyre , Committed for trial Geelong 26 Nov.
Oct 21, Thomas Fletcher, Committed for trial Geelong, 26 Nov.
Oct 26, Henry Westerby, Committed for trial Melbourne, 15th Nov.
Oct 26, Manestra Flatow, discharged
Oct 26, Samuel Butler, discharged
Oct 26, Albert Hurd, Committed for trial Melbourne 15th Nov. On bail
Oct 27, John Balderston, discharged
Oct 27, George McIntosh, discharged
Oct 27, Charles Stewart, discharged
Oct 27, John van Der Byl, discharged[5]

Post 1854 Experiences

20 Aug 1856
Buninyong Court Petty Sessions
Wilfuly destroying a tent
Flatow V Parry
(Evidence of Manastra Flatow) “I am a miner and reside on the Poor Man’s Gully. Between 2 and 3 o’clock on Sunday morning last the 17th August I was awoke by a loud noise. The door of tent was burst open. The prisoner Ebaneza Parry came in and said “where is bloody Yorky, Flash Yorky?”
The prisoner then tore open the tent where I was laying in bed and threw a bottle, pieces of stone and quartz at me. The prisoner then went away and came back into may tent and jumped upon me – I saw the prisoner knock the tent down. I gave information to the police and had the prisoner taken into custody.
Knew the prisoner around 18 months. They were friends. Had had a quarrel about a week before this.
Catherine Flatow: I am wife to the last witness and reside at Poor Man’s Gully. Between 2 and 3 o’clock 17th inst I saw the prisoner burst open the tent door, and went to the head of my husband’s tent and tore it. Catherine M Flatow.” [6]

In 1864 Flatow had a stand at the Redbank Racecoqurse where fruit of every description, fresh oysters and sandwiches free? An advertisement in the Avoca Mail states that Manestra Flatow was better known as Yorkey.[7]

In the News

USING OBSCENE LANGUAGE.-Manasseh Flatow, charged with this offence, in the absence of sufficient evidence, was dismissed.[8]
Manasha Flatow, of Redbank, storekeeper. Causes of insolvency - Destruction of property at French man's Creek, death of insolvent's wife by drowning, inability to collect debts, and pressure of creditors. Liabilities, £146 19s 9d; assets, £99 15s 3d; deficiency, £47 4s 6d. Mr Shaw, official assignee.[9]

See also

Henry Westerby aka Flash Yorkey

Further Reading

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