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William Hopkins was a gold miner at Bendigo who was a witness at the 1855 Goldfields Commission.

Goldfields Involvement in 1854

(To the Editor of the Bendigo Advertiser.)
Sir,—I have read in your issue of this morning, a very interesting and well written article on the old pioneers of Bendigo and their doings, from the pen of our venerable and much respected old friend Mr. J. N. Macartney. As he has written from the date of 1854 I write as a 53 man to set him right in one mistake he has made. He places our worthy Minister of Mines at the top of the tree, which he has no right to occupy. Mr Burrowes was not known to fame until 1860, when he stood for the borough council and was elected. The men who first stood by the mining community, and gained their right, were Captain Harrison (1852), Captain Brown, Dr. Jones, George Edward Thomson, Mr. Ferris or Fervars, J.E. Wall, Mr Dixon, Captain Baker, Robert Benson, Dr Owens, Wm. Hopkins, E. N. Emmett, W. D. C. Denovan, James Dumphy, and others, all 1853 men. The big anti-license meeting was held in August of that year on the present site of All Saints' Church, attended by some 20,000 people. In the same year Mr. Angus Mackay (now the Hon. A. Mackay), E. Harrison, and R. R. Haverfield represented the press at the meetings of the period, and did good service both to the miners and the government.—
Yours, etc.,
19th November, 1881.[1]

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  1. Bendigo Advertiser, 26 November 1881.