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Eureka Centenary Flag, 1954, Federation University Historical Collection

Distinguished historians have written essays illuminating different aspects of the events leading up to and surrounding the rise of the original Ballarat Reform League and the events of Eureka and its impact on contemporary Australia.


A Eureka Myth Exposed by Dorothy Wickham (1996)

Agitation Hill: Where is it? by George Milford (2021)

Australian Democracy was Born at Eureka by Russell T. White, MLA (1950)

Blood, Sweat and Tears: Women at Eureka by Dr Dorothy Wickham (2004)

Chartism in 19th Century Britain by Isobel Dowling, Former lecturer in Sociology and Politics at University of Ballarat

Chewton Essay by John Ellis, Chewton Domain Society

Contesting the Flag, the Mixed Messages of the Eureka Flag by Anne Beggs Sunter

Eureka: A Multicultural Event by Clare Gervasoni and Dorothy Wickham

Eureka Rediscovered: Twenty Years On by Jack Harvey (November 2013)

Eureka - The Buninyong Connection by Anne Beggs Sunter, Buninyong and District Historical Society

Globalisation through digital Experience by Dorothy Wickham & Clare Gervasoni, Pay Dirt: Ballarat and Other Gold Towns, BHS Publishing, 2019.

How the Leaders Escaped (Argus 1899)

Killed in Action: Eureka by Dorothy Wickham (1996)

Locating the Eureka Stockade: use of a geographical information system (GIS) in a historiographical research context by Jack Harvey (c1994)

The Eureka Flag: Our Starry Banner by Dr Dorothy Wickham (2016)

The Eureka Stockade by One of the Insurgents

The Eureka Stockade: Gateway to Democracy by Weston Bate

The Role of Foreigners at Eureka by Clare Gervasoni

Where did the Bakery Hill monster meetings take place? by Jack Harvey (2018)

Anniversary Essays

Eureka 50th anniversary Prize Winning Essay, by J.B. Castieau, Melbourne


Recollections of the Ballarat Insurrection by Montague Miller

Monster Meeting Project

Jan Wositzky's introduction to the Monster Meeting project

Meeting Interview 1 Robyn Annear -

Monster Meeting Interview 2 Doug Ralph -

Monster Meeting Interview 3 Geoff Hocking -

Monster Meeting Interview 4 Dr Marjorie Theobald -

Monster Meeting Interview 5 Professor Weston Bate OAM -

Monster Meeting Interview 6 David Bannear -

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