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World Heritage Site sign St Just, Cornwall, 2016. Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection
Chimney, St Just, Cornwall, 2016. Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection

Val D'Angri, conservator of the Eureka Flag, is a descendant of Anastasia Withers.

Matthew Bell, is a descendant of Charles Phillips.

Ron Egeberg, former manager of the Eureka Centre, is a descendant of Morgan Lee.

Clare Gervasoni, curator and author, is a descendant of Michael O'Dea.

Shane Howard, singer and songwriter, is a descendant of Patrick Howard.

Ray Martin, journalist, is a descendant of Edmund Grace.

Paul Murphy, Advertising film director, is a descendant of Michael Canny and Patrick Canny.

Kevin Ryan, Retired Headmaster, is a descendant of Richard Laney who is the great grandfather of Kevin Ryan.[1]

Bill Shorten, Member for Maribyrnong, Victoria, and Leader of the Opposition from 2016, is a descendant of James Goldsmith and Mary Goldsmith. [2]

Dorothy Wickham, Author and historian, is a descendant of Peter Ellis, and Dennis Kinnane and Margaret Kinnane and a relative of James Wearne. [3]

Family Groups


This family group came from St Just, Cornwall. Some of their party were arrested and charged with Treason.


Thomas JACOBS married Maria Radford 13 July 1854 at the Wesleyan Church, Eureka. Their child Thomas Jacobs who was born 29 October 1855 at Blackwood, Victoria, married Agnes Johnson, the daughter of Henry Johnson and Bridget Costello. Dennis Kinnane (below) was a witness to the Costello sister's marriage at St Francis, Melbourne in 1843 on the same day.

Samuel Smith and his wife Caroline Smith (RADFORD) lived at Eureka 1854.


Timothy (Thady) Shanahan and his wife Bridget KINNANE applied for compensation for their tent being burnt inside the stockade. (Bridget Shanahan married Thomas Kirby 27 March 1856 aged 16 years. KIRBY was a storekeeper and tent inside stockade.)

Matthew Ryan and his wife Ann/Nancy QUINANE applied for compensation for their tent being inside the stockade. Nancy QUINANE/RYAN was reportedly at the amputation of Lalor's arm.

Lancelot (Lanty) Costello and his wife Honora Young applied for compensation for their tent being inside the stockade.

Michael Costelloe was a police constable at Eureka in 1854.

Bridget Costello married Henry Johnson. On the same day 30 April 1843 Patrick Kennedy married Mary Costello. Dennis KINNANE and Margaret Sheehan were witnesses to the marriage.

Thomas KINNANE married Jane Johnson, the daughter of Bridget Costello and Henry Johnson. Thomas' parents Dennis KINNANE and Margaret (Guthrie) were on the Eureka Diggings from 1853-1854.

Thomas Jacobs married Agnes Johnson,the daughter of Bridget Costello and Henry Johnson. Thomas Jacobs was born on the Eureka Diggings in 1854 and Dennis Kinnane was witness to his aunty's wedding in 1843.

Dennis KINNANE married Margaret Guthrie at St Alipius on 22 March 1853. Both were residing "on the Eureka". Their son, John, was born in April 1854 "at Eureka". Mary Guthrie, sister to Margaret Guthrie married Martin Quin. A birth certificate of a child shows born 4 July 1854 at Eureka.

Edward Quinn aged 35 years, died from gunshot wounds 3 December 1854 at Eureka.

Patrick QUINANE had a tent just outside the stockade. The tent was burnt. Patrick was a brother to Nancy QUINANE.


Robert and Sarah Phillips emigrated from Cornwall arriving in Australia in 1849. Their son, Charlie Phillips described conditions and life on the goldfields and the Eureka Riots.


The Spence family were at Eureka according to their eyewitness accounts.

James Maxwell and Jane SPENCE.

James SPENCE; John SPENCE; William Guthrie SPENCE; Ann SPENCE


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